Thursday, June 4, 2009

Return of the Babbington!

So there's a new poll... And rightly so.

"Where has Babbington been?" I hear you cry!

Well, my dear Pooters, I have been all over the place,
gathering some beautiful, um, material for your delectation.

You lot were never far from my heart... It's good to be back.

And that's all that matters, really.

On my travels, I went to all the best amusement parks...

I saw how the 'Nev Effect' swept across the nation...

I enjoyed 'food on the go' at fashionable high street outlets...

I even took time to get cultured and educated...
(Who'd have thought 'quoin' was an actual word - as apposed to, say, a
word made up during the heat of battle that can often be Scrabble - eh, Mitch?!)

So, by all means, partake of the poll on the left here, but fear not - there is plenty more to come from my wanderings... including some exciting new releases from WOP International which I saw in prototype stage in our secret potato-lined underground bunker!

Thanks you for missing me, one and all.
Thank you.


Nicole said...

And a hearty welcome back to you!

Babbington said...

Why thank you.

I needed to come back sooner rather than later - just look what Mitch has been up to!

Lobster-Mitch said...

Welcome back to the fold!! Ah, what finds lol. Indeeed!
Where on earth is Taxi World? I bet it's next to Digger World and Light Industrial Vehicle Planet.
Keep the new posts coming dude!