Sunday, June 28, 2009

Artbear 2!

Well, the birthday balloons have burst and a skin has formed on the custard.
I guess we have to go back to school tomorrow! What a splendid weekend it has been -
all the poot posts! We've had the debut of Artbear, the Wop-umentary
with Nev, Pylons...and today - the incredible additions to our ever
growing WOP International shop.

So how do we follow all that? Artbear Returns!

Yes, you can't keep a bear with anger management issues down can you?
So here he is...again!

Another Warning: Artbear has managed to control his swearing
this time but his 'drawings' may offend!


Babbington said...

Oh good grief, he did it again! lol

I almost choked on my honey nut corn flakes, you swine Mitch!

Still, all in the name of art, eh?! ;)

Lobster-Mitch said...

You had Honey Nut Cornflakes???? Typical! Hehe....oh this is not facebook is it.
Glad you liked the bears' new vid. I think he should have a bit of a rest now and calm down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Poor old art bear - he really does have some issues!

Funnily enough, his life only started falling apart since he started living under the care of that Mitchell fella!

Lobster-Mitch said...

Hmmm...a pure coincidence lol! He was pretty much on the edge when he first approached us at WOP Productions. I am not sure why we signed him on for a 6 show contract now! Ah well, we knew what we were doing....