Monday, June 8, 2009

Car boot sale with rules

I must admit, I am a little confused by something I saw today:

What exactly are the organisers saying?

Are they trying to exclude super-tall people from their elitist event, capping the limit on 6' 9"?! If so, this sounds like an inside job by the Pixie (yes, you know who you are!)

Isn't that 'hightist' or something?


Are the organisers simply advertising for a Carboot Sale Refit?

And if so, is 5 hours really long enough to complete the job?!

I just don't know.


Lobster-Mitch said...

A height restriction on a roof? Lol....I'm with you on this one mate - no idea.
I hope they sell enough car boots to make it worth their while.....

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I'm sure if 'The Pixie' really existed, she would have a much better plan for a short world than creating height restrictions at a boot sale.

I'd go around chopping peoples legs off...I mean, I think she would. Or him. Yes.

Babbington said...

I think the hight restriction could be to disuade all those with their heads in the clouds!

Lobster-Mitch said...

Well you might be right - I'm sure the promoters of this event had their feet firmly on the ground.....surely.