Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fishing World Cup 2008 - Semi Final

Join World Of Poot Sport's veteran commentator Kevin Ketley live at Belchford Lake, for this crucial World Cup semi final. Proof if needed that fishing is an edge of the seat sport, and more so for the spectator....
Expect more summer treats such as the European Baked Bean Rally in Stuttgart and the Babbington's Biscuits One Ball Pool shoot off in Grimmington.


Babbington said...

Thanks for posting that, Mitch - I originally missed it due to a power failure just at the wrong moment. Same thing happened for the qualifiers too. What are the chances?!

So anyway, what was the outcome? I gather there were accusations of match fixing - something about a bent rod and a half-hundredweight of celery.

Lobster-Mitch said...

Yes, the power outages have blighted the coverage, but I managed to salvage this clip. I think the Dutch guy won the final in the end, I might have to see if I can track that clip down - it will be worth it!
Sadly, one of the nations, Clemtatia had to pull out in the early rounds due to a sticky reel.
Shame really.