Friday, July 4, 2008

Introducing Norman Cheestring!

While we are waiting for the gremlins to be addressed regarding the videos on here - I thought you'd like to meet Norman Cheestring, the Grandfather of our Neville....

His interests are pretty much the same as Nevilles'; trains, fluff and indexing random road signs he comes across on his weekly walk to the post office for his pension...

Norman is also an avid member of National Appreciation Of Bus Seat Designs. Incidentally, he is working on a book, with a huge collection of images and information relating to the classification and identification of regional bus seats.

'It's taken me 11 years to do this, and I'm almost there.' said Norman. 'It's not just a serious reference to all things about bus seats - but there is a surprising amount of fun and humour there too'.

He plans to follow this with a broader look at national bus seats and even signage.

He would like to draw our attention to this beauty he snapped on a brief journey to the clinic last week. 'This a fairly new design, based on the classic PLX454 series used in Yorkshire - and everyone knows of that one'.

Well done Norman - we here at WOP look forward to reading your work very soon, just as soon as we can find our glasses.


Babbington said...

Grandpa Joe... is that you?!

"If she's a lady, I'm a Vermicious Knid."

Wise words indeed ;-)

Lobster-Mitch said...

Norman Says: 'Ah, I knew a Joe in my army days. A kind man, wanted for nothing and always treated his wife with the proper respect a man did in those days ; with a pound of scrag end and a clip round the ear every Tuesday. Of course they'd frown on that today - I blame the hard water. I'm 87 you know? And I still have my own teeth, as you see. Joe's no longer with us though, he went to Malaya looking for love after his wife found his secret love letters to a chicken. She left him and by then, the illness started. She reminded me of my poor Edna. Got married on a Thursday, I remember it well, it was raining and I had half day off from Mackies and Sons. Cost a shillin...zzzzzz'