Monday, July 21, 2008

The Joker...possibly

Unless you're living under a rock, or in Kidderminster - you'll no doubt be aware that the latest Batman film 'The Dark Knight' will be out at the cinemas at the end of this week. Already there are rumours to whom could play The Joker if his role was reprised later in the series.

Normally, our Neville would be the first to step up to the challenge, but he's been so overworked lately and is already playing the rear part of Bambi in 'Bambi Legacy'- the new live action film out later in the year.

So, as a good second choice - how about Babbington? He loves a joke and has been known to wear purple from time to time.

So this is how our very own Babbington may look as the Clown Of Evil!

Holy Poot!

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Babbington said...

That is actually quite disturbing.