Monday, January 19, 2009

Babbington In New A-Team Movie!!

Another WOP Exclusive!!!! Our very own Babbington is going to star in the new A Team movie out next year. He will play the part of Mister T as played by B.A. Bbington in the orginal eighties tv series. Our Neville has been tipped to play the part of Howling Mad Burdock, but this is not confirmed at this stage....

Babbington yesterday

But who could play Hannibal Smith? Who knows? We don't that's for sure.
The A Team was one of the biggest television series ever in the world in the eighties. So was Airwolf and Street Hawk. And who can forget Knight Rider? Ooh what about Manimal? Ahhh...classics.
So how will our very own Babbington shape up in the role? We asked our very own film critic Barry Pokevest for his view....

''Sure, at first glance you'd think he'd be absolutely terrible. Maybe he will, I think he will - but it's not my view that's been asked for here....''

Thank you Barry! So what do YOU think! Let us know, will Babbington be:

a) Good
b) Rubbish

Vote now!


Babbington said...

Mitch... I really do pity the fool...

Lobster-Mitch said...

Well, he's there to be pitied