Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WOP Dating.... A Success Story!

You may remember the launch of World Of Poot Dating not so long ago. Then again, you may not. It doesn't really matter.

However, we thought we'd share this success story and hope to inspire those out there who are still seeking everlasting love, or something more meaningful.

Harold Thumper 35, saw the ad placed by Edwina Stuffer 29, and was instantly drawn (rather like her make up in their wedding picture above) to her unique appearance. 'She stood out from the rest, and considering they all looked pretty darned awful, it was pretty easy'. Harold said.
However, it wasn't easy from the start. Harold lost a few friends along the way because they didn't agree with his choice. 'Naturally I had to quickly make a few friends in order to lose them, so that was hard'.
But after even the first date, they knew they were meant for each other. Edwina picks up the story....
'We chatted a couple of times on the phone, and decided to meet up outside the kebab shop the following weekend. When I first saw..erm...oh yes..Harold, I knew I had to be with him. We spent the first few hours looking at houses to buy and wedding dresses. He seemed comfortable about that too. Or desperate.
We are expecting our first (of fifteen planned) child in May!'

Well there you have it Pooters, so what are you waiting for? If it worked for this couple, then it could also happen for you.......

Disclaimer: WOP does not hold any responsibility at all. If questioned, we've not heard of you....


Babbington said...

And to think the doubters said it would never happen... not after the salad cream and hosepipe incident.

Lobster-Mitch said...

Luckily the salad cream didn't show up on her wedding dress, but as for Sherry Trifle...well, I'm not going to book her again for the cabaret.
That was an uneasy few minutes for us all.