Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Neville Speaks!

After the overwhelming success of the latest video 'Into The Past' here on WOP, the man himself, Neville Cheestring has decided to answer a few questions for his fans. He met up with our reporter, Elvis Sirloin ten minutes ago at the chippy in Gravesend......

So Nev, what are you having? Our treat....
Oh, thanks very much, I'll have a battered sausage and a chip thank you.

Nev, what inspired you to be the man you are today?

Well, I'd have to say that my mother has always stood by me and been a tower of strength through the difficult years, and there's been at least 34 of those.

What is your favourite food and why?
I like a good biscuit, because I like them. Rich tea, maybe a Hob Nob if I am feeling a bit more adventurous! I don't mind..

Now, the latest video - why did you pick an historic theme?

I didnt! The WOP production team just sent me out there. Reg, the driver picked me up from my bedsit and told me I have to be on location in an hour, so I packed my thermos and fluffy hat and got going. I did like the ruined folly though, it was good to touch the past. I like touching things.

Have you ever considered dental surgery?
No, I am happy with the work I do for WOP. I did consider being a train driver, but I'd get a bit too touchy feely with my trains.

No, I mean, why don't you do something about them flipping teeth?
Oh, no, I couldn't. After all, I am becoming famous now, and my outstanding teeth along with the glasses are fastly becoming a cult icon. I am the REAL star of WOP! So don't you forget it!

Would you say then, that you are becoming arrogant and big headed about your fame?
Yes. That's all that matters really.

Finally Neville, will you be in any future 'Into The...' videos?

Oh yes! We've got a few ideas brewing up, but they never tell me what until the very last minute - the rotters! Still, they know what they're doing.....they know what they're doing.....

Thanks Nev, here's your sausage.

So with that, he grabbed his sausage and sauntered out of the chip shop humming the theme from 'The Flumps'. There he goes...the man...the legend....the problem.

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Babbington said...

Ah, so the wheels of the pubclicity propaganda machine have begun to slowly turn, eh?! I reckon our Nev might have got a bit spooked by the latest poll which appeard overnight...

He does look a little nervous. And to quote the man himself..."You can just smell it!"