Friday, October 3, 2008

Babbington - The Vandal - Returns!!!

Oh dear me, just as you thought the recent spate of vandalism using the good name of 'Babbington' was finally over, it appears that a new imposter is re-igniting it all over again!

The arrest of, erm, whatsisname who pretended to be our very own Babbington recently had caused the hysteria to die down. Now it loks as if a copy cat vandal is stalking the streets of our country, starting in Wales!

Wait a minute, hasn't the actual real life Babbington been to Wales lately? Hmmm.....

More investigation is needed!


Babbington said...

Er... I know my rights. I want a lawyer! And a tub of min choccy-chip ice cream!

(Oh, and it weren't me!)

Babbington said...

Of course, I meant 'mint' choccy-chip - not 'min'.

Dammit, I'm cracking under the pressure!

Lobster-Mitch said...

Of course it wasn't you....although only the true vandal would deny it or something!! Er, cheers Hercule Neville.