Thursday, October 2, 2008

WOP Hotel - further exciting development!

Back in July, we brought you news of our deluxe refit at the WOP Hotel. Well, it is fair to say that following the news, we were litterally 'asked' whether this area of development was due for further regeneration. At the time, we had to keep things all very 'hush-hush'.

But that was then... this is now! And so it is with great pride, excitement, and the distinct aroma of flatulence filling the corridoors, that I can announce the latest fantastic news - We're still at it!

Don't ask us how we do it - just know that we do!

Here, for your visual delectation, is just a small vignette of some of the latest wonderful features that our guests can expect to find in their superb rooms...

Spacious and elegant, the minimalist
approach - by popular demand!

With only the finest decor...

... including fine art...

... the year-round
'Winter Wonderland' look...

... and nature on your doorstep (and walls)!

After a long day, you'll really appreciate
the creature comforts, such as...

the Beko Fastext colour television/wardrobe
combi unit...

... and central heating.

Did we mention the Royal Gala #4137
'Crisp And Sweet' telephonic device?!
(includes wires)...

... which you can use at leisure whilst enjoying
a fine cup of English tea, prepared in your very own
Relaxation Zone:

We'll even supply extra electricity!:

Having safely stored away your belonings...

you'll be jumping at the chance to
try your bathroom facilities!
All rooms now come with
bespoke en-suites,


The finest porcelain basins...

Stylish detailing such as grooming mirror,
complete with matching receptacle
and air conditioning unit...

... toilet paper dispenser...

... and walk-in shower room

And finally, rest assured that your stay
will be a safe and secure one, thanks to our
strict EU-compliant health & safety measures,
such as...

Restraintech support devices

... easy-wipe surfaces

... Fire Action instruction sheet

... and Guest Emergency
Survival Manual

- The WOP Hotel -
Come back!


Lobster-Mitch said...

Really not sure where to begin with this one!!!!
The WOP publication 'Where to die' has a new entry!
This is one of those rooms you stop in to win a bet if the haunted house is boarded up lol.
Well, a crisp fiver is on it's way to you....

Babbington said...

Do I have to spend the fiver on a crisp?

Lobster-Mitch said...

Yes. Yes you do.

Anonymous said...

i like this room. fit for dogs!