Thursday, October 2, 2008

Neville's Bat-Blooper!

As reported in WOP News earlier this week:

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Forever under the misguieded belief that it is a good thing to make a 'striking and dramatic' entrance to public events, our star of the recent 'Bat Nev' blockbuster - Neville Cheestring - somehow managed to convince the owners of the original 1989 Bat Man car to let him drive their machine to the recent Pride of Britain awards.

He neglected to tell them that he only has a provisional licence... and that being for use only with agricultural machinery. More alarming, perhaps, is that at no point did the owners think to check Neville's credentials. Oh, the humanity!

Having taken the second-to-last corner of his approach at a stealthy 11 miles per hour, Nev proceeded to career straight across the following corner, up the facing pavement (making a brief visit to a flower boarder containing a range of hardy perennials), before travelling backwards for 15 metres - at which point he came to rest in an uncannily tidy fashion on the red carpet.

When asked by reporters for his immediate thoughts, Neville said simply "Well... It's not not like my beloved Massey Ferguson, that's for sure. Not in the slightest! Just before the corner, I had a bit of bother getting to grips with the knob thingy - I can always find my knob thingy in the Massey".

Poor old Nev - he really doesn't help himself, does he?!

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Lobster-Mitch said...

In Neville's defence, he was breaking in a new pair of specs, and they might have impaired his vision and judgement somewhat! He shal ltake them back tomorrow to Babbington's Bifocals and see if he can get them swapped for something more effective, like a telescope...