Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our 'Fingershoe' Goes Gold!

We here at WOP are delighted with our increasingly popular product - The Fingershoe - which has just sold over 100 pairs! If you haven't ordered your pair yet, then you must! We will be doing a limited edition shortly before Christmas, which will have holly and mistletoe entwined with the laces, for a really seasonal flavour!


Babbington said...

I wonder, is it worth mentioning the Halloween Fingershoe at this juncture?...

Set to be a great seller, this limited edition variant comes complete with 'trick or treat' candy laces, 'vampire-blood' tongue and the all-new pre-programmable 'Spooky Sole'voice modulator unit.

The Halloween Fingershoe: Let out a cry with every Step!

Lobster-Mitch said...

Of course, I forgot to mention the Halloween Fingershoe. In a lovely yellow and black, or all pumpkin orange sole to tip colour, it will be a big hit this year.
I hear Tim Burton is thinking of buying some for his new animated movie 'Trick Or Poot'.
The Wop's the shoe for your finger!

Anonymous said...