Thursday, October 23, 2008

WOP Shop - Xmas Early-Bird Exclusive!

With Christmas just around the proverbial black-ice blind corner, you may well be thinking "just what do I get that 'special' someone this year?"

Sure, you could follow the crowd in search of the usual swathe of gift ideas - an ironing board, his-and-hers matching paper clips, a badger press - but where's the fun in that?!

(Ok, so a badger press is always good for a laugh!)

No, what you want is something colourful. Something memorable. Something... well... 'special'.

What you want is...

The all-new WOP International
Self-combusting Oven Glove

  • Have you ever felt hot-headed? Well now you can feel hot-handed, too!
  • Dazzle your friends and family (as you run, screaming, through the house)!
  • Available in an exciting range of flame-complimentary colours!
  • A great conversation breaker - fun for all the family!

And as if all those great qualities weren't enough,
how's this for a further incentive:

Buy now and we'll even throw in free house insurance!!!

So what are you waiting for? Don't delay - order today!

*Another product of questionable quality*
*Available exclusively only from World Of Poot Shop*
*Christmas is a while off yet*

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Anonymous said...

oven dogs for fish?